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Bus365 : Bus Reservation System with Website is a very wonderful Bus and fleet Booking System, This Bus reservation system is developed by PHP and Code Igniter & frontend developed by React js.It is mostly useful for any Bus, Fleet and Ticket Selling Company.It has a variety of features on Bus ticket Management.

Website :

Admin panel :

Bus365 - Bus Reservation System with Website - 1

Bus365 - Bus Reservation System with Website - 2
Bus365 - Bus Reservation System with Website - 3

#### * Change log: Date - 24/08/2023 - Version 6.2
1. Trip and Sub-trip creating and handling is more user-friendly.
2. Client testimonial section dynamic.
3. Delete option introduced and Warning message before the delete operation.
4. Coupon system bug fixed.
5. Seat amount discrepancy in backed-frontend-backed-front-end is resolved
6. Agent dashboard upgraded with specific reports and statistics. Also improvement to the Agent profile
7. Now specific trip search along with similar trips is available.
8. A brand new factory reset feature is introduced
9. Both email and mobile authentication for admin/users.
10. Adjustment and improvement of the website

#### * Change log: Date - 24/05/2023 - Version 6.1
1. Fixed issues with login and role permission for agent & passenger
2. Implemented user account/role permission for Employees and Agents
3. Passenger dashboard/profile updated with login issue
4. ‘check all’ button for the user permission page
5. ​ New Flutterwave and SSLCommerz payment gateway ​integrated with updating other gateway​s​
6. Seat amount mismatch from backend and frontend issue is resolved
7. Seat released after certain amount is fixed 
8. user-defined coupon code can now be used
9. Payment method bug fixed
10. Signup page issue fixed (some mandatory fields removed)
11. Language translation for phrases improved and visible on website/dashboard
12. Resetting password and mail not sending issues have been resolved
13. Included warning message before deleting data
14. Partial payment improved with proper invoice details
15. Overall website and dashboard usability and security is improved 

#### * Change log: Date - 23/11/2022 - Version 6.0
1. Paypal integration 
2. Seat booking calculation book seat and available seat fix
3. Account Transaction list print
4. Logo Change Option from Backend
5. Modify booking Api
#### * Change log: Date - 02/08/2022 - Version 6.0
*Full new system developed and updated to CI-4 and Added new frontend by React JS.
* Old all files are, if you are old user you can download the new file and install from new.

#### * Change log: Date - 20/01/2018 - Version 5.0
*Totally News apps development API  added
* Some Payment issues are fixed

#### * Change log: Date - 11/11/2018 - Version 4.0

* We changed the full ticketing system
* Frontend language system added
* Account System is added
* Full agent system added
* Different report added
* Ticket Management System added with some good features
* User Role and Permission System added
* Agent System had some problem fixed.

* Changelog: Date - 05/04/2018 - Version 2.00
* Booking System is fully automated
* After Booking Customer Will get a PDF copy of Ticket at his given email
* Customer can log in and Register Now
* Ticket Downtime system added
* Bank, Paypal, and Local Payment System added
* Seat Layout System Created
* Ticket Confirmation System added  by admin

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