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Version 2.3.2 – released April 4, 2023
– Improvement: Updated Stripe library used in the product;

Version 2.3.1 – released June 12, 2020
– Security: Added sanitization & escaping of all input data before output
– Improvement: General code cleanup
– Improvement: Removed inline styling/scripting where possible
– Improvement: Added strict directive to all JavaScript and jQuery scripts

Version 2.3.0 – released May 15, 2020
– Improvement: Updated code to support BookingWizz v6.0.0
– Improvement: Added PHP 7+ support
– Improvement: Added support for eWay UK/AU/NZ
– Feature: Added new gateway – Pin Payments
– Feature: Added new gateway – 2checkout integration
– Feature: Added new gateway – Mollie payments
– Feature: Added new gateway – Paysafe
– Feature: Added new gateway – Payeezy

Version 2.2 – released June 16, 2014
– updated code to support BookingWizz v5.5
– added Pin Payments to supported merchant gateways
– fixed PayPal PRO issue with test accounts.
– fixed FirstData Linkpoint certificate path issue
– fixed Moneris Canada issue with live payments
– fixed mktime() strict errors for all payment terminals

Version 2.1 – released January 15, 2014
– added support for BookingWizz v5.4
– fixed minor bugs

Version 2.0 – released May 1, 2013
– added compatibility for BookingWizz v5.3
– added eWay merchant gateway
– added FirstData (LinkPoint) merchant gateway
– added PaymentExpress merchant gateway
– added Stripe merchant gateway
– fixed moneris Canada payment processing
– restructured code for all payment terminals

Version 1.1 – released July 17, 2012
– fixed moneris Canada payment processing
– fixed moneris US payment processing
– general code cleanup
– added separate menu for credit card settings for wordpress plugin
– added support for manual customer booking payments from email link

Initial version released on June 1, 2012

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BookingWizz Credit Card Payments - 11
BookingWizz Credit Card Payments - 12
BookingWizz Credit Card Payments - 13

BookingWizz Credit Card Payments - 14

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