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Download Free Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin Nulled

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How to download Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin Free ($43) and Nulled

Begin an e­xcellent trip with Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin. Eve­ry part is carefully made to be fancy and use­ful. It has an amazing user experie­nce. Easily boost your online prese­nce as you enter this fine­ly tuned, great design. Discove­r the top of web design innovation. Each part smoothly joins to boost use­r engagement and satisfaction. Le­t Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin be your doorway to digital success. Cre­ativity joins with beauty to redefine­ your online identity.

Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin

Create Your own multiple categories products catalog website just in a few Clicks by using our feature rich Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin, The unique features of Arena Products Store makes it #1 products comparisons plugin for WordPress

Compatible with most standard WordPress themes, Themes built on bootstrap v3 framework are recommended, you may enable/disable responsive layout, 9 pre defined color schemes (skins) or select your own colors by using color picker to match with your theme, advanced users can completely customize the output, clean, commented and easy to understandable code, also demo data is included for testing and learning purpose.

Note: This is a WordPress plugin not a theme, you may need to modify plugin’s default styles to match with your theme’s header and footer.

Categorize Products

Categorized Products

You can divide your products in categories, like laptops, mobiles, cameras etc, also you can assign different sets of features, groups, attributes, rating bars and filters for each category by using Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin..

Products Brands

Products Brands

Also you can divide your products by Brands (manufacturers) so your visitors can find their products more conveniently.

Filter Products

Products Search Filters

Flters are designed to provide refine products search functionality for your visitors.

Products Comparisons

Products Comparisons

Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin has built-in product comparison features, so your visitors can compare unlimited number products side by side, comparisons are also categorized by categories.

Products Main Features

Products Main Features Management System

You can manage product’s main (6) features using Products Main Features Management System, You can manage different features for each category.

Attributes and Groups

Products Attributes and Groups

You can create attributes and groups to display your product’s data, You can manage different groups of attributes for each category.

Products Reviews

Products Reviews System

Your visitors can easily rate and write a review for your product by using built-in Products Reviews System.

7 Built-in Widgets

Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin has 7 built-in widgets which you can see in the sidebar of demo site.

  • Ajax Search Widget
  • New Arrivals Widget
  • Product Filters Widget
  • Top Rated Products Widget
  • Recent Comparisons Widget
  • Categories List Widget
  • Brands (Manufacturers) List Widget
  • More Products by Brand (in single view)

Built-in Page Templates

Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin has built-in auto-load page templates for every section of plugin’s output, header and footer should be used from your current theme.

  • Products Catalog Page Template
  • Products Categories Archive Template
  • Products Brands Archive Template
  • Products Search Archive Template
  • Products Comparison Template
  • Custom Comparisons List Template
  • Product Single View Template

Arena Products Store – WordPress Plugin has hundreds features which we are unable to explain here, We believe You can’t find these awesome features anywhere bundled in 1 plugin with life time FREE updates, Also you can extend it’s functionality and usability by using add-ons (extension plugins), so why we say, Sky is the only limit, please visit demo site to see it in action.


  • Credits for Images used in live preview site goes to their respectful authors.
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Nivo Lightbox
  • jQuery Image Viewer
  • jQuery OwlCarousel 2
  • Every one who helped me to make it AWESOME
  • Thank You too all buyers

Item Support Policy

Best support would be provided to the supported users, if your support period has been expired then please renew your support extension to get help and support for Arena Products Store, i am unable to provide any help and support to users with expired support, even no reply to their email or comment, don’t blame me just renew your support extension, Thanks


Version 3.0 26 September, 2023

Some minor issues are resolved

Version 3.0 28 August, 2023

Improved products comparison layout and functionality
New improved filters widget helps to find the product
A new shortcode added to display compact product teaser
Changes in CSS styles layouts and media queries
Added typography settings for headings and text font size and color
Added plugin license (purchase code) activation system
Solved product metadata errors and strict warnings
Improvements in single product page and catalog, archives
Product filters work independently from category and brand
Added title and duration into the product videos.
A lot of small changes and enhancements
All reported and known issues are resolved

Version 2.7 24 May, 2021

Improvements in product attributes table
Improvements in product comparison table
A number of small changes and enhancements
All reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.6 (10 January 2020)

Add new iconic style for product features
Enhanced Brands widget display
Improvements in product attributes table
Improvements in product comparison table
New fold-able attributes styling
Product schema (microdata) validation issues resolved
A number of small changes and enhancements
All reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.5.5 (20 December 2018)

PHP 7.x compatibility issues resolved
WordPress 5 and Gutenberg compatibility issues resolved
Main Product Features are editable now
A number of small changes and enhancements
All reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.5.4 (29 July 2018)

Compare icon replaced with a checkbox and text
Comparison shortcode created to display products comparisons dynamically
PHP 7.x compatibility issues resolved
Optimized javascrips for performance improvements
A number of small changes and enhancements
All reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.5.3 (05 August 2017)

Review posting issue solved
Compare icon problem fixed in single product
Videos playback issue in lightbox solved
Lightbox javascript updated
All reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.5.2 (15 July 2017)

Comparison support unlimited number of products
Comparisons now support categories
Comparison and specs table layout enhancements
Re-build user's comparisons list panel
70+ new icons added
RTL layout enhancements for gallery carousel
A number of small changes in all templates
All reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.5.1 (12 February 2017)

Small reported and known issues are fixed

Version 2.5 (02 February 2017)

Product pricing management system added
Store settings, store location, currency settings added
Product Image sizes settings added
Product image zooming script replaced with new script (support touch devices)
Product gallery improvements (thumbnail carousel added)
Improved product data tabs (support url hash)
Custom comparison urls improvements (shareable comparison links)
Categories widget added to display categories list in sidebar
Breadcrumbs added (enable / disable from settings)
Rating bars animation control (enable / disable from settings)
Improvements in Attributes Groups layout
Product microdata support added for better SEO indexing
Enhanced import / export functionality
Small design / layout / transitions changes
and a number of small changes and performance improvements

Version 2.4.1 (23 April 2016)

Solved reported php warnings

Version 2.4 (21 April 2016)

Redesigned Settings Control Panel
Improved Product Filters
Moved Product Main Features under Categories
Improved plugin navigation using Tabs like menu
Replaced javascript range input with native customized range input
Full RTL languages support added
Resolved WordPress v4.5 compatibility issues
Number of small changes, improvements and fixes

Version 2.3 (15 March 2016)

Added Sidebar management system
Improved Comparison publishing
Added filter hooks (for queries and settings)
Added action hooks in templates
Few miner changes and improvements
Fixed all errors and bugs

Version 2.2 (20 November 2015)

Fixed minor bugs reported by users

Version 2.1 (15 November 2015)

Fixed tabs settings Problem
Improved refine search filters

Version 2.0 (10 November 2015)

Redesigned plugin for multiple products type support
Added Product categories taxonomy
Added Attributes groups taxonomy
Added Rating Bars taxonomy
Added JSON data import / export feature
Added support for product based main features
Added brands list page
Added brands logo image support
Added product categories banner image support
Added category based groups, rating bars and filters support
Added 200+ new font face icons
CSS Styles enhancements and other small changes

Version 1.4 (22 April 2015)

Fixed Localization Problems
Added Comparison List Overlay Animated Sidebar
Added Main Features List Style
Fixed some CSS styling issues
Fixed all bugs, reported by users

Version 1.3 (23 March 2015)

Fixed attributes name spaces issue for some languages
Fixed Rating Bras name spaces issue
Added Main Features flipping effects switch
Fixed some CSS styling issues
Fixed all bugs, reported by users

Version 1.2 (4 January 2015)

Added Attributes Groups management system
Added Product Attributes management system
Added Product Filters management system
Added Affiliate Stores management system
Added Product Videos management system
Added Shortcodes
Added RTL languages support

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