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Anonymous is the first and only PHP script to create a collection of anonymous confessions and secrets. A project created in 2017 is still continuously updated today and always will be, with customer support that is always present and friendly.

Take advantage of Anonymous as you see fit, adapting it to your needs, there are many premium features. Your users can quickly and easily enter their confessions or secrets, while maintaining anonymity to the public.

Give the opportunity to earn points for their loyalty on the site, every time they perform actions such as, comment, like posts or insert new stories, obtaining badges and climbing the overall ranking.

You can create different genders, women, men, LGBT and much more, even assigning them a color. You can also create categories to better select the various stories.

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  • 100% Responsive
  • Friend of Mobile Devices
  • Points System
  • Badge System
  • Categories with Limited Access through Points
  • Censored Words (Enable/Disable)
  • User Ranking
  • Notifications (Likes and Comments)
  • New Entries via Modal
  • Create new Genres and Colors
  • Create New Categories
  • Like system
  • Count of Views
  • Sharing in Social Networks
  • Tag system
  • Creation of new Pages
  • Sections (Latests/Viral/Random)
  • Online / Offline User badge
  • Report management
  • Set Logo and Favicon
  • SEO Title, Description and Tagline
  • Results Per Page
  • Pause New Entries
  • New Stories in Moderation or Immediately Published
  • MIN/MAX Characters for Stories
  • MIN/MAX Characters for Comment
  • Activate/Deactivate Entries in one-click
  • Create New ADS Units
  • Feature Posts from the Admin area
  • The Admin Can Delete the Stories from the Front-End as well.
  • By setting the role of moderator to a user, he can also manage the stories. This is very useful to help you filter the stories in case of multiple submissions.

Developed with the latest version of Laravel 8.

PHP >= 7.3

Project Updates


- A new section has been added to sort secrets based on gender.


- Improved Slug creation for all languages, such as Japanese, Arabic etc.
- Splash Page for pre-loading the application
- Ability to insert image in posts


Replace the following files:

- app\Http\Controllers\Auth\AccountController.php
- resources\views\layouts\modal\form_write_story.blade.php


In the random stories placed in the sidebar, even those still in the moderation phase were taken. It was correct.

Overwrite the file:
- app\Http\Controllers\HomeController.php

Fixed some inconsistencies with the user rankings.
Overwrite the following files

- app\Models\User.php
- app\Http\Controllers\Auth\AccountController.php
- app\Http\Controllers\HomeController.php


- Points system
- Badge system
- Points history list
- Category with access limit through points
- User ranking
- Several general improvements


- The admin can delete the stories from the front.end.
- Words censored.
- All dependencies updated.


- You can feature posts from the admin area.


- Initial Release

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Download Free Anonymous – Secret Confessions Nulled

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