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Amely – Clean & Modern Shopify Theme is an excellent template for shopping online stores. It was built for your digital store, hi-tech store, watch store, men store, women store, clothing store, furniture store, bookstore, cosmetics shop, luxury jewelry, and accessories store…

Furthermore, Amely integrated a lot of features such as Ajax Cart, Wishlist, Instagram shop, color swatches, ajax layered navigation…. so it will bring a power for you to transform your dream shop into a magic digital outcome is limitless. Let Amely flourish your business and reach your full potential today.

Amely - Clean & Modern Shopify Theme
Amely - Clean & Modern Shopify Theme
Amely - Clean & Modern Shopify Theme
Amely - Clean & Modern Shopify Theme
Amely - Clean & Modern Shopify Theme
Amely - Clean & Modern Shopify Theme

Amely – Core features

  • 8+ unique homepage layout
  • 7+ unique header layout
  • Dropdown & Slide out mini cart
  • Newsletter popup
  • Multiple currencies dropdown
  • Modify footer as much as you want with many types of child block
  • Powerful Section settings
  • Powerful Theme Settings
  • Integrated 17 new section types
  • Native shopify Megamenu
  • 3 types of Product Swatch layout, product color swatch
  • Grid/List collection view mode
  • Ajax collection filter
  • Ajax add to cart
  • Native shopify Ajax Wishlist
  • Native shopify Ajax Compare
  • 3 types of collection landing page layout
  • 4 types of collection page column layout
  • 4 types of product page column layout
  • 5 types of product images
  • Product video popup
  • Product image zoom on hover & open popup when click
  • Widgets on collection & product page: promo banner, featured products, CMS content


Stock Photos Used

  • Unsplash:
  • Pexels:
  • Freepik:


Version 2.0.0 – 21 June 2023

Support The Latest SHOPIFY VERSION - 2.0: Sections On EVERY PAGE. You Now Can Add Sections On Every Page

Version 1.1.3 – 11th March 2021

+ Fix Hamburger menu issue on mobile

Version 1.1.2 – 23th July 2020

+ Fix header style issue

Version 1.1.1 – 19th April 2020

+ Fix header sticky issue

Version 1.1.0 – 16th Jan 2020

- Update add to cart with properties
- Fix bug switch variant image

Version 1.0.4 – 19th November 2019

- Fix slideshow section issue

Version 1.0.3 – 27th September 2019

- Add social image media
- Fix issue switch variant image when click variant options

Version 1.0.2 – 27th July 2019

- Fix bug on currency switcher.
- Fix bug on additional payment button

Version 1.0.1 – 27th May 2019

- Fix bug on section GPS Product & Banner
- Fix bug slideout menu on mobile devices.

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