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Active Workdesk CMS is an online platform where resourceful clients and skillful freelancers can be connected. The site helps professionals find projects, communicate with clients and get paid.

It is a marketplace for clients and freelancers in fields like web development, application development, writing, graphic design or any other scope.

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Key Features

  • 2 types of project – Fixed & Long term
  • Private project request to freelancer
  • Ajax based realtime chat between freelancer & client
  • Advanced admin dashboard
  • Dynamic freelancer package
  • Dynamic client package
  • Unlimited project category with parent, child tree
  • Freelancer skill option
  • Dynamic freelancer profile
  • Package based freelancer job experience, education history, portfolio, bio add limit
  • Identity verification option
  • Dynamic email verification
  • Project milestone request
  • Project milestone payments
  • Project cancel option with admin approval
  • Freelancer payout request
  • Cool notification system
  • Manual freelancer payout option via paypal/bank account
  • Unlimited client/freelancer badge
  • Auto assign client/freelancer badge
  • Review system after project completion with on/off option
  • Freelancer/client ban option
  • Dynamic Frontend management
  • Advanced media manager
  • Dynamic color theme option
  • Fully translation ready
  • Dynamic currency option
  • 6 Payment gateways
  • 4 social media login option
  • Google analytics ready
  • Facebook pixel & chat integrated
  • Cool email notifications
  • Unlimited staff role & staff option

version : 3.4.0 (20/09/2023)

- Integrated iyzico payment gateway.

version : 3.3.0 (28/08/2023)

- Integrated Mercadopago payment gateway.
- Added the MAIL ENCRYPTION input field in the SMTP configuration.
- Some minor bug fixing.

version : 3.2.0 (01/06/2023)

- Upgraded PHP version to 8.0
- Upgraded Laravel version to 9.0
- Added another filtering option by skill in freelancer list page.
- Showing country wise flag in freelancer list.
- The filter section of the service list page now includes Delivery time and Price options.
- Added the start price and delivery time to the service list.
- Displaying the list of bid freelancers on the project detail page.
- A filter section has been added to the blog list page.
- Now projects are linkable in the review section from the freelancer detail page and also from the client detail page.
- From now client and freelancer can view their public profile from their dashboard.
- Integrated Firebase messaging in active projects between freelancer and client
- For Google reCAPTCHA, a secret key is added.
- Important bug fixing.

version : 3.1.0 (22/03/2023)

- Added Flutterwave payment gateway
- Important bug fixing

version : 3.0.0 (22/11/2022)

- Now there is a share button on the blog detail page so that readers can easily share individual posts on their preferred social media platforms.
- On the Service Detail Page, suggested services are now displayed
- Country and Hourly Rate options are addded into Frellance listing page's filter section
- The filter postion of the Project listing page now includes a price range option
- New Design included throughout all Frontend, Client panel and Freelance panel
- Added Image Optimization option
- Important bug fix

version : 2.1 (06/06/2022)

- Service section in home page
- Service filter by category and name
- Only basic info are required for new service
- Login as freelancer/client from admin panel
- Add newsletter feature
- Recharge wallet for freelancer/client from admin panel
- Projects/services/clients/freelancers share on social media
- Add email verification option in feature activation section
- Services and freelancers are shown only if the user has Active Packages
- Important bug fix

version : 2.0 (17/03/2022)

- Wallet system
- Maintanance mode
- Upgraded to Laravel 8
- Minor bug fix

version : 1.6 (09/11/2021)

- Blog and blog catefories added
- Minor bug fixes

version : 1.5 (29/06/2021)

- Google reCaptcha
- Media Manager
- Oneclick updater
- Translation improvement
- Minor bug fixes

version : 1.4 (10/04/2021)

- dynamic staff permission
- user type choice option while social media login
- service cancellation

version : 1.3 (04/12/2020)

- addon support included
- paypal and stripe payment issue fixed

version : 1.2 (11/11/2020)

- service options added
- stripe payment updated to stripe checkout
- social media login issue fixed

version : 1.1 (27/08/2020)

- installation error fixed
- some UI issue fixed
- some minor bug fixed

version : 1.0 (07/08/2020)

- Initial release

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