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Accufy is a complete SaaS-based Business & Accounting Software that gives your customers the ability to create and manage businesses, invoices, estimates, customers, tax & expenses. Users also can create multiple businesses with different currencies so they can easily keep track of their businesses in one platform.

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There are various mechanisms to secure the application. These mechanisms are:

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
  • Password Hashing

Installation video tutorial

Update Instructions

Update logs v2.7 – 25 Nov 2023

- Added Units for invoice products
- Added clone invoice optoin
- Added viewed notification when the invoice is opened by the customer
- Added decimal amount for invoice quantity
- Improved functionalities and fixed some bugs
- Compatible for php 8

Update logs v2.6 – 17 Jun 2023

- Added affiliate system (Only availabel with extended license holders)
- Added HRM module
- Added Reset pass opton on admin > users
- Fixed invoice alaigment issues
- Improved admin panel responsive design

Update logs v2.5 – 12 Dec 2022

- Added default invoice title & summary & footer notes
- Added email & phone field on invoice > create new customer
- Fixed user tax rate round issue
- Fixed payment record issue
- Fixed stripe payment customer info missing issue
- Improved currency conversion text on invoice create page
- Improved verify email section

Update logs v2.4 – 01 Jun 2022

- Added pricing decimal/round option
- Added pricing symbol left/right and space option
- Added pricing thousand seperator
- Added offline payment for regular licnse holders
- Added invoice footer note text align option
- Added missing translate values
- Fixed invoice template issues
- Fixed Record payment duplicate issue

Update logs v2.3 – 13 Dec 2021

- Added Paystack payment gateway
- Added QR code feature for invoice
- Added 2 new invoice template
- Fixed invoice export issues
- Fixed verify email issues
- Fixed estimate edit issue
- Fixed some small bugs
- Improve trial feature

Update logs v2.2 – 26 Aug 2021

- Added new SMTP email library
- Added email option in contact form
- Fixed profit & loss issue
- Fixed dashboard charts large amount issue
- Fixed reposts > general reports > expense result issue
- Improve export pdf option
- Improve email options
- Improve invoice/estimate customer add option

Update logs v2.1 – 31 May 2021

- fixed bill view design issue
- fixed estimate view design issue
- fixed RTL mode design issue
- fixed Purchase by verdor dropdown issue
- fixed Income by verdor dropdown issue
- fixed invoice filter issue
- fixed dashboard chart issue

Update logs v2.0 – 24 Mar 2021

- Fix upcomming recurring issues
- Fix overdue issues
- Fix add new item cancel issue
- Fix responsive sidebar menu color issue
- Fix expense file removing issue
- Added country info manage option
- Added business delete option
- Added role permissions
- Added Multi Role user options
- Added Recurring invoice automatic email send option
- Added invioce view when opened by the customer
- Added product add option for both sales & purchases
- Added invoice payment records edit & delete option
- Added Expire subscription reminder
- Added customer email invoice view notify option for business owner
- Improve design and functionalities 

Update logs v1.9 – 03 Feb 2021


- Added new template in backend
- Added appearance section in admin panel > settings
- Added user subscription payment invoice
- Added invoice record payment logs
- Added plan enable/disable option
- Added credit notes
- Improve auto generate invoice number
- Improve invoice tax calculation issue
- Fixed payment upgrade issues

Update logs v1.8 – 12 Aug 2020


-Added bills/purchase order
-Added time zone option
-Added enable/disable frontend website option
-Added description field in invoices
-Added report > profit & loss
-Added report > sales tax
-Added report > Income by customers
-Added reports > Purchases from vendors
-Improve signup section and make it simple
-Improve package edit option in superadmin
-Improve admin settings sections
-Improve user dashboard
-Fixed overdue issues 
-Fixed user wrong count issue in admin dashboard

Update logs v1.7


-Added 2 new invoice template
-Added payment settings in user dashboard
-Added receive invoice payment using paypal/stripe
-Added Product Stocks
-Added Product stock enable/disable option
-Fixed invoice export issue
-Fixed invoice print design issue
-Fixed invoice information missing issue
-Fixed expense file download issue
-Fixed invoice payment convert total amount issue

Update logs v1.6

-Added GST value insert option in tax
-Added multiple gst tax value system in invoice
-Added customer number & vat code in customers
-Added business number & vat code in business
-Added Convert invoice into recurring invoice
-Added order option in home features
-Added image upload option for home hero image

-Fixed all recurring invoice issues
-Fixed decimal number price issue
-Fixed upcoming recurring payment dashboard
-Fixed pending payments in dashboard
-Fixed rtl responsive & radio button issue

-Improve invoice number format
-Improve invoice tax system
-Improve estimate section
-Improve design issues
-Improve performances

Update logs v1.5

-Added package discounts
-Added stripe payment method
-Added missing translations
-Improve reports section
-Improve recurring invoice
-Fixed responsive issues

Update logs v1.4

-Added manage Business categories
-Added export pdf button on the customer preview page
-Added missing translations
-Improve reports section
-Improve recurring invoice section
-Improve the expense section
-Fixed invoice items empty search bugs
-Fixed invoice payment due bugs
-Fixed subscription bugs
-Fixed wrong count invoices
-Fixed save settings bugs
-Fixed responsive issues

Update logs v1.3

-Added missing language values
-Added tab for recurring invoices
-Added Business based invoice number incrementation
-Added Invoice delete enable or disable option
-Added multilingual enable or disable option
-Added invoice export to pdf option
-Added pre-default invoice footer note for per business 
-Fix offline payment bug
-Fix vendor bug
-Fix tax show on invoices checkbox issue
-Fix email verify the problem
-Fix export to pdf invoice
-Fix recurring invoice edit
-Improve the multilingual system
-Improve frontend template design

Update logs v1.2

-Added offline payment
-Added Auto verified for the basic package
-Fix Monthly subscription bugs
-Added Trail option
-Added Invoice products scroll
-Added customer from invoice
-Invoice accent color for other pages

Update logs v1.1

-Added user reports
-Added partial payment for invoice
-Fix email verificaiton problem in admin login
-Fix business bugs
-Fix registration bugs
-Fix some css issues
-Improve some functionapreties

There are some requirements to work on your server. These requirements are:

  • PHP >= 5.4+ (and PHP 7)

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