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Download Free Academy LMS – Learning Management System Nulled

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How to download Academy LMS – Learning Management System Free ($55) and Nulled

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Online learning marketplace script – Academy. Academy Lms is a marketplace script for online learning. Here students and teachers are combined together for sharing knowledge through a structured course-based system. Teachers or instructors can create an unlimited number of courses, video lessons and documents according to their expertise and students can enroll in these courses and make themselves skilled anytime and from anywhere.

So start selling your courses by installing ACADEMY and make your online business today.

Quick start guide for course instructor/admin

  • Read all our provided documentation carefully before using the software
  • Install the application following “Installation and Update” guide carefully
  • Login as site administrator to organize your system
  • At first update your System Settings and Payment Settings from Settings option of the left sidebar menu. Also, make sure to provide a valid YouTube API key and a valid Vimeo API key on System Settings.
  • If you have updated the Settings successfully, you can go to Categories option from the same left sidebar menu and create Categories.
  • After creating Category, you can create Sub-categories under a specific Category. For creating Sub-categories you can go to the Categories page, select a specific category, click on the Action dropdown menu and select Manage Sub-categories. It will take you to the Sub-categories page. Now you can simply click on “+Add Sub Category” button and fill all the required fields to create a Sub-category.
  • Now its time to create some Courses. Since a course will contain all the video lessons you have to create it carefully. Move to Courses option from the left menu, You will get a “ Add Course Form” after clicking on “+Add Course” button. Fill all the fields carefully
  • Every Course should have at least one Section. Because at the end you will have to add a lesson under a specific section of a specific course. So, now you will have to create at least one section. Move to the Courses page, select a specific course, click on the action dropdown menu and select Manage Section. After clicking on Manage Section you will get the list of Section which is empty now. You have to create one by clicking the “+Add Section” button
  • As you have created a Course and a section or multiple sections, now you will be able to create a lesson. Now, let’s move to the Course page again, select a specific course, click on the Action dropdown button, select Manage Lesson. It will also show the list of lessons that you’ve created. To add new you can just click on “+Add Lesson” button

Quick start guide for course students

  • Since the application has been already installed. Student can access the website by simply hitting the application URL
  • Home page will appear every time a student hits the URL. From the home page, a student can search for a specific course, get all the top courses, top ten latest courses, get category based courses. A student can sign up if he/she is not registered yet. If a student is already registered he/she can log in. Student can add courses on their Shopping Carts or add them on their Wishlists
  • Students can see the course details by simply clicking on a course thumbnail. The course details page contains all the essentials information about a course like, Title, Description, Outcomes, The prerequisites of the course, Lesson list Instructor details, and the rating and reviews. User can see a course overview here
  • If Student want to buy the course they must add those courses on their cart
  • After adding a course on Shopping cart if a student wants to see their cart items, they can to go to the Shopping Cart page by clicking on Go To Cart button, which appears on hovering over the cart icon of the header
  • Student can remove courses if they want from the shopping cart page
  • On the right side of the shopping cart page is the total price of the cart items. Under that is the Checkout button. If student want to check out they can simply click on the Checkout button and pay for those courses
  • After a successful checking out student can see their courses on the My Courses menu. The student will get the My Courses button by hovering over their profile image from the header
  • My Courses page will show all the courses which are purchased by that student. Student can play the lessons by clicking on the thumbnail from the My Courses page

Update Log

Version 6.6.1 – 21 February, 2024

- Fixed a small issue on the BigBlueButton Live class

Version 6.6 – 20 February, 2024

- BigBlueButton live class included
- New audio lesson has been included
- Wasabi storage has been added to upload video lessons
- Social media buttons have been added for sharing your course
- Instructors can now determine the pass score for each quiz
- New drip content rules for quizzes. Instructors can manage accessibility for subsequent lessons based on quiz results
- The administrator can now change the course author (Course Creator)
- Improved the newsletter module to send email to many users
- Fixed a small issue in messaging
- Razorpay payment gateway issue has been solved
- More minor improvements and fixes

Version 6.5 – 2 January, 2024

- Every section of the Home page can now be enabled or disabled.
- New, 9 payment gateways has been added:
  - Xendit
  - Payu
  - Pagseguro
  - Skrill
  - Doku
  - Bkash
  - Cashfree
  - Maxicash

Version 6.4 – 21 November, 2023

- Now, teachers are able to include any kind of lesson resource file in their course lessons
- The system notification module has been added for the noticeboard and course forum addon
- Admins can now add external widget codes or embed codes from Website Settings
- A new Custom CSS field has been included. Custom CSS can be added by the admin from frontend settings
- Students can now check the details of the upcoming courses
- Now, all front-end site images load using Lazy Load, which improves your site's speed more efficiently
- More minor changes and improvements

Version 6.3 – 10 October, 2023

- Timezone has been added
- Student account-disabling functionality - admin can turn it on or off from the system settings
- Quiz submission issue has been solved
- Video lesson play/pause removed by click on the space button due to some issues with addons
- Course forumn addon loading issue has been solved
- Course not found graphics has been updated
- Mobile app API has been updated

Version 6.2 – 28 August, 2023

- Added RTL support to the frontend theme, admin can set the direction of any language
- New 'Contact Us' page for visitor-admin communication via system or direct email
- Improvements have been made for smoother playback of uploaded videos
- Cart icon added for mobile device
- Now, newsletter send by following BCC module
- Video caption not showing issue solved
- Language translation issue fixed
- Fixed showing HTML code on blog page
- Video lesson doesn't play from the previous duration has been fixed.
- Also, more minor changes and improvements

Version 6.1 – 24 July, 2023

- Availability of all addons has been updated
- Deleted garbage data from the session table to keep high-traffic websites running faster
- Fixed some other minor issues

Version 6.0 – 16 July, 2023

- Completely new default theme with a trendy design and layout
- Total six home pages added for various purposes
- Advanced protection of system video files. Now, Video files are completely safeguarded from downloading
- Access by direct URL is denied for all other types of lesson files
- Provide built-in 14 language files
- Now a user can apply for a trainer while signing up
- The application form for instructors has been moved to the frontend
- New, upcoming course module added
- The FAQ page has been added
- To motivate your visitors, a new inspirational area has been added to the home page.
- Added a newsletter module. Now, any user can subscribe to the website newsletter
- Instructors can now choose to sell their courses forever or with an expiration date.
- The SMTP module has been improved by adding from email
- Language files can now be imported and exported from language settings
- New, System notification module has been added
- Administrators have the ability to enable and disable system and email notifications
- New, email template has been added
- Instructors of courses can now monitor students' academic progress.
- User's phone number has been added
- 100% coupon has been added
- More minor issue fixes and performance improvements

Version 5.15 – 16 May, 2023

- Course gift feature. Now users can gift multiple courses to another user's account.
- Multiple time attempts of quizzes. Administrators can now set a limit on the number of student attempts.

Version 5.14 – 21 March, 2023

- The layout of the student panel has been made more flexible and user-friendly.
- Administrators can now remove misleading reviews.
- Theme files can now be uploaded from the admin panel.

Version 5.13 – 20 February, 2023

- AI course content generator addon added
- Coupon issue fix

Version 5.12 – 23 January, 2023

- Payment gateway structure has been redesigned for the availability of all gateway in all addons
- Google Analytics has been added to analysis of your website traffic
- Meta pixel(Facebook pixel) has been added
- Added server-side data table to manage large number of students and instructors
- Added server-side selector for student and instructor
- Data table issue on the course manager page fix
- More minor issue fixes and performance improvements

Version 5.11 – 18 December, 2022

- New filter options. Now users can sort the courses by Newest, Highest Rating, Discounted, Lowest Price, and Highest Price
- Private course feature. Admin can manually enroll his/her students in private courses
- Optional Course FAQ feature for instructors to provide FAQs in their courses
- Site backup feature. Admin can keep multiple backups of all website data
- Demo data or backup data importer
- Language importer
- Added pagination between search and filtered courses

Version 5.10.1 – 2 November, 2022

- Tutor booking addon introduced
- Minor issue fixes and performance improvement

Version 5.10 – 29 September, 2022

- The timer of quiz has been kept optional
- Upcoming live classes are highlighted on the My Course page
- Video caption added for HTML5 video URL and Video file type lesson
- Multiple student enrollments with a single action
- Now the video lesson is played after the previous watching period
- Course selling tax added
- Purchase history new page added
- Stripe payment issue fix
- Course thumbnail cache issue fix

Version 5.9.1 – 16 August, 2022

- Home page newly designed
- Footer newly designed
- Sign up URL enhanced to improve SEO
- The uploaded images are optimized automatically
- Footer link issue fix
- Auto logout issue fix

Version 5.9 – 3 July, 2022

- Pagination added to the search result page
- Pagination added to the course filter page
- Search result optimised from in dept course data
- Quiz result issue fixed and experience improved

Version 5.8 – 26 May, 2022

- New! limitation on account access from multiple devices
- Admin can set how many account can be accessed by a single student account
- Create any number of new pages for your course website
- Video uploading progress bar shown during lesson creation
- Quiz question type added: true-false, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, single choice
- Instructor now can view student's quiz results
- Quizzes now have timer to complete within a certain time period
- Login session time period extended
- Issue fix for blog category link access
- Smtp crypto settings now added

Version 5.7 – 18 April, 2022

- Drip content feature introduced
- Student has to complete previous lesson to access the next one
- Showing learning progress in course playing page
- Publicly course access permission settings (allow/deny) from admin panel
- Message read and unread status showed in messaging page between student and instructor
- Certificate addon update: drag & drop builder
- Certificate addon update: background image changing capability
- Certificate addon update: QR code shown for certificate validation

Version 5.6 – 17 February, 2022

- Api updated for student and instructor mobile app
- Show email with name when admin enroll a student
- Delete enrolment history when a course is deleted
- Blog keywords for course website SEO performance enhance
- Minor bug fixed

Version 5.5 – 19 January, 2022

- Blog module introduced
- Admin & instructor can write blog posts
- 'Buy' button added in course page
- Instructor skills added
- New page for forget password
- Newly designed user interface for student account panel
- Document type lessons now have preview option
- Coupon code discount feature enhanced
- Razorpay payment gateway option for instructor payout
- Store quiz result of students
- Api updated for mobile apps
- Source code optimised and performance upgraded

Version 5.4 – 2 November, 2021

- Updated with bootstrap 5
- Completely newly designed frontend website layout

Version 5.3 – 16 September, 2021

- Student can continue learning from last time viewed lesson (watch history preserved)
- When purchasing a course without login, redirected to that course after login.
- The video source URL has been hidden for HTML5 video URL and Video file.
- Added language select option to instructor panel.

Version 5.2 – 30 August, 2021

- New lesson type: text format
- Facebook login for students added
- Admin permission for quick action menu fixed
- Refund policy option settings added

Version 5.1 – 4 August, 2021

- New lesson type: google drive
- Razorpay payment gateway comes as standard
- Free lesson preview

Version 5.0 – 1 June, 2021

- Adding new admins
- Admin role permission setting
- Multi instructor in single course
- Coupon code
- Course compare feature
- Application performance improvement
- Organised Admin navigation menu
- Organised applications assets
- Documentation updated

Version 4.7 – 8 May, 2021

- Responsive issue solved on the course playing page.
- Bug fixed on social sharing content.
- A new API has been added for the Instructor mobile app.

Version 4.6 – 23 March, 2021

- Sub category selection fixed for mobile device screens.
- Minor bug fixes
- Performance improvement

Version 4.5 – 9 February, 2021

- Ability to filter courses according to parent categories.
- Security check on installing addons.
- Course preloaded on homepage. 
- Fixed a minor bug on course completion.

Version 4.4 – 22 December, 2020

- Google recaptcha introduced for enhanced account security
- Dashboard shortcut for : Add student, Enrol student, Add course, Add lesson
- Mobile API updated
- Layout updated in course detail page for mobile device responsiveness.

Version 4.3 – 20 October, 2020

- Browser cache issue on image uploading has been solved.
- Ratings and reviews are now showing perfectly on mobile device.
- Server storage has been optimised by removing the previous video file while updating video type lessons.
- Stripe payment API is working fine in Academy mobile app.
- Top courses are now accessible from mobile devices.
- Latest courses are now accessible from mobile device.
- Info banner is now aligned perfectly in mobile device.

Version 4.2 – 15 September, 2020

- Sending verification code instead of link on user verification email. Since sometimes mail with a link considered as suspicious.
- Keeping stripe session id and transaction id on stripe payment.        
- Enhanced the security of stripe payment.
- Total lesson count is now working fine in all dashboard.   
- Minor bug fixes and performance improvement.

Version 4.1 – 19 August, 2020

- All payment gateways are included in mobile app.
- Students can purchase course inside mobile app using all available payment gateways and addons.
- Rating review posting by student random issue fix
- Version update procedure updated

Version 4.0.1 – 6 July, 2020

- Stripe payment gateway updated for course purchase
- Api updated for mobile application
- Minor bug fixes

Version 4.0 – 17 June, 2020

- New instructor workflow introduced
- Admin can add new instructor from admin panel
- User needs to apply to be an instructor if the admin keeps it enabled
- New dashboard and menu for instructor panel
- New sales report page for instructor
- New payout report page for instructor
- New instructor payout processing system
- The instructor now have the opportunity to request a withdrawal request
- Language switcher from frontend website
- New lesson creation layout and very user-friendly workflow
- A separate form for each type of lessons and it can be switched instantly
- Video upload option in lesson creation form with possible upload size info
- Toaster notification translation issue fixed
- Student page title issue fixed
- Lesson deletion issue while course deletion is fixed
- Multi-language helper updated
- Courses can be added to wishlist from course detail page
- User is shown an alert before removing a course from wishlist
- Outgoing email text enhanced for being marked as spam by Gmail

Version 3.6 – 23 April, 2020

- Iframe embed code feature added.
- Now you can add google slide, slideshare slides and any embeddable external content.

Version 3.5 – 8 April, 2020

- Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.4 – 20 March, 2020

- Android API added to purchase a course from inside the student's mobile app.

Version 3.3 – 10 March, 2020

- Checkout page updated

Version 3.2.1 – 1 March, 2020

- Academy lms site slow speed performance fixed

Version 3.2 – 19 February, 2020

- Payment system upgraded and designed from scratch
- Disabled payment gateways are now hidden from student course purchase page
- Some minor bug fixes in course, lesson management in the admin panel

Version 3.1 – 15 January, 2020

- EU cookie note added with cookie policy acceptance
- Course purchase notification to instructor, admin, student
- Disabled payment method is now inactive in course purchasing cart
- Instructor list is shown in the admin panel
- API updated for mobile app course purchasing
- Enroll history report updated to current month by default
- Addon system introduced
- New addon manager for addon installation, activation or deactivation
- Certificate addon released. Buy here:
- Documentation updated

Version 3.0 – 12 October, 2019

- Android app API published
- Separate video lesson configuration for mobile app added
- Lesson player CSS fixed
- Footer text made dynamic from admin panel
- Course curriculum layout issue fixed
- Course duration value fixed
- Course title short layout enhanced

Version 2.4 – 17 September, 2019

- User interface updated

version 2.3 – 12 August, 2019

- Course progress feature added for students
- Students can mark / unmark a lesson as complete
- My course page shows completion percentage of every purchased course
- Video lessons can be resumed from last time watched ( applicable for .mp4 videos )

version 2.2 – 10 July, 2019

- Course playing page new layout introduced. Designed and coded from scratch.
- Theme installation option added.
- Theme chooser, activation and deactivation option added.

version 2.1 – 16 June, 2019

- stripe payment gateway api updated
- admin now have option to enable or disable email verification
- course purchasing cart page crash issue fixed

version 2.0 – 10 June, 2019

- quiz module introduced
- MCQ question manager for course quiz
- quiz sorting option added
- new course manager layout
- course filter for admin to sort out easily
- courses and section now grouped in a single page
- brand new admin panel layout
- admin now have monthly income graph chart
- new instructor dedicated panel introduced
- category manager updated
- new course filter page added in frontend website
- courses can be filtered by category, price, level, language, rating
- filter course with list view and grid view
- all user login page unified in a single form
- new website launched for academy :

version 1.3 – March, 2019

* Free course enrolment opportunity
* Confirmation email on student account register
* Custom smtp settings for site admin
* Stopped playing course preview on background
* Shopping cart view updated
* Minor bugs fixes

version 1.2 – January, 2019

* Lesson file type added : text, pdf, doc, own server video
* Description field for all course lessons
* Video player updated and enhanced 
* Added course title/summary to course playing page
* Course activation notification updated.
* Site title issue fixed
* Seo settings for course pages
* Added currency settings

version 1.1 – November, 2018

[ backend ]

* Status Wise course creating.
* Show number of courses by status on Dashboard as well as on Admin navigation menu.
* Made managing sub-category more comprehensive on the category page.
* Added icon picker on Category and subcategory add and edit form
* Added an instructor filter on course table.
* Separated Active and Pending courses status wise inside the course page.
* Admin now has an option of “View Course on Frontend” inside course page.
* Admin now can make a course Active as well as Pending.
* Made Course overview URL optional while creating a course.
* Made Course thumbnail optional while creating a course.
* Made generating Lesson’s video duration more understandable. 
* Added an optional Payment information field for Student. While creating and editing student. It is required for Instructors only.
* Added Enrol a Student option. Now admin can enrol a student manually from the backend.
* A new navigation menu “Report" has been added. 
* Admin now can see all the revenue he got after a successful course purchasing.
* Admin now can see all the revenue an Instructor got after a successful course purchasing.
* Admin now can pay instructors.
* Made Updater module functional for future updates.
* Added two different Logo Uploader. One for backend another for Frontend.
* Added Favicon uploader.
* Added Instructor settings inside Settings option.
* Fixed the “Action” Button breaking on small devices.
* Dynamic footer text.

[ frontend ]

* Showing all the courses by course status. That means only Active courses are now being shown.
* Fixed the login modal’s title.
* Wish listed courses are now can be removed from the wish list page.
* Already Purchased Button now redirects to My Courses page.
* Fixed the issue of courses with no course overview URL or course thumbnail.
* Instructor can see his course’s curriculums from the Course details page.
* Respective instructor details of every course is showing on course details page.
* Fixed the escape HTML tags issue on instructor Biography.
* Added Instructor menu on the frontend navigation.
* Creating course from the frontend.
* Separated Active, Pending and Drafted course on instructor dashboard.
* Instructor can see his created course details and respected course’s lessons from the frontend.
* Instructor can make a published course to Draft course.
* Instructor can create, update and delete sections from the frontend.
* Serialize sections from the frontend.
* Can Add, Update or Delete lessons from the frontend.
* Instructor’s Payment report on the frontend.
* Payment settings. Which is mandatory for being an Instructor.

version 1.0 – October, 2018

- first version released


  • Apache web server for running php
  • PHP version 7+
  • Mysql database access, purchase code during installation
  • Php curl should be enabled
  • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only

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Send us a ticket for presale questions and getting after sales developer support via zendesk.

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